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When 3 hours in the gym are not enough and you need your gym fit 24/7 to keep THAT feeling. Sweatpants in baggy style. Yes.

We know what's trendy. We know you're a bit of a rebel, but you still love fashion. Wide sweatpants, dropped at the waist, with the waistband of men's boxers peeking out... You feel good in it. So we've simplified it for you a bit! Baggy-style sweatpants with a contrasting layering effect are actually your 2 in 1!

Baggy sweatpants work perfectly for warm-ups and the first set! But they also work at home. In the city. While shopping for fit snacks. In lectures. On walks. Simply everywhere. Soft cotton with anti-pilling treatment and a polyester blend that gives it durability and prevents shrinking is the best material you can imagine for your favorite sweatpants. Moreover, thanks to our iconic NEBBIA rubber in the waistband (with small silicone N's on the inner side), the sweatpants stay up + you can adjust them with a classic drawstring. And the cuffs at the bottom? Simply roll up the sweatpants above the ankle or even halfway up the calves. However you like it. However you prefer it. And enjoy your gym fit 24/7!


✔️ 10,000 squats
✔️ 10,000 deadlifts
✔️ 10,000 push-ups

The POWER CHECK product is guaranteed to withstand maximum load and hundreds of workouts. Tested by successful fitness women from all over the world! Find out more.

  • Oversized design
  • Layering effect
  • Baggy style
  • Elastic cuffs
  • "Stay-in-place" technology
  • Non-see-through
  • Athleisure - Suitable for everyday wear

88% cotton, 12% polyester

  • Durable "life-proof" material
  • Anti-peeling treatment
  • Lint-free
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Breathable material
  • Non-fading colours
  • Holds its shape
Brand Nebbia
Company's country Slovakia
Product type Sweatpants
Product name Gym MUSCLE MOMMY
Main colors black
Hashtag Nebbia_Gym_Muscle_Mommy
Country of Origin Slovakia